Your Personal Cloud Manager

A user friendly tool to help analyze, monitor and control your AWS Cloud

Cloud Management Simplified

Cloudlytics is designed to give actionable insights, simplify task automation and offer a detailed overview of your AWS Cloud Environment.

Automate Infrastructure Management & Monitoring

Keep a close watch on your AWS Infrastructure and get in-depth insights on data archiving, resource management and cloud performance. Get Real-time Alerts of issues as and when they occur.

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Billing Analytics

Monitor your service consumption to track expenditure.

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Our Customers

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Counting downloads is great, and there are several services available today that provide analytics for downloads, but no one had analytics on the IP addresses. After a two-year search, we found Cloudlytics. Now we know how many IPs are used by customers who are accessing our tools for Christian living. Another hallmark of Cloudlytics is their customer service. They are extremely responsive to our questions and requests.

I highly recommend anyone looking for better cloud analytics to try Cloudlytics.

Greg Kucala Sr. Vice President of Broadcasting : Living on the Edge

We have been using Cloudlytics for several months, and we are extremely pleased with this simple yet powerful tool.

The user interface is so well done and there is tremendous depth in the level of detail offered by this tool. We have come to rely on this on a day to day basis and Cloudlytics has saved us valuable time, as analyzing the AWS logs is no simple task.

Cloudlytics customer support has also been fantastic with prompt response and working with us to add more features to the tool.

Overall an awesome tool and company that we highly recommend.

Dominic Francis, Niche Video Media, LLC